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How to Make Halloween Safer for Your Pet

This Halloween, decorations, lights, and strangers knocking on your door demanding candy may be a spooky experience for your four-legged family members. It is important to take the necessary precautions to reduce their risk of being hurt, sick or lost. 

Don’t Feed Your Pets Halloween Goodies 

Candy may contain toxic substances such as xylitol or chocolate, which are poisonous to your pets. These types of sweets can cause your furry friends to become very sick, requiring a costly visit to your local veterinarian. Raisins may also make an appearance around Halloween time, and they are toxic to pets, as they can cause kidney failure. 

Pet Identification Is Important During Halloween 

It is recommended to keep your pet indoors on Halloween night, but accidents happen, and the rush of trick-or-treaters may cause your pet to feel panicked. Ensure your animals have proper identification, such as collars, microchips, or ID tags. These precautions will make it easier for someone to contact you if your pet escapes on Halloween night. 

Know How to Handle Nervous or Reactive Pets on Halloween Night 

Reactive or anxious pets will have their emotions amplified on Halloween as trick-or-treaters flood the streets and porches in search of candy. It is best to keep your dog or cat away from your home’s front door or yard. Instead, keep them in a quiet room where they feel comfortable, so they don’t feel nervous or aggressive.

Practice Jack-O-Lantern Safety 

Jack-O-Lanterns are fun traditions that you shouldn’t give up; however, if you’re a pet parent, please practice proper jack-o-lantern safety to ensure your pet’s well-being. Do not allow your pet near the open flame of a Jack-O-Lantern, as they are at risk of being burned by the flame or knocking the decoration over, causing a fire to spread. 

Contact your local veterinary hospital if you have questions or concerns about potential pet hazards this Halloween season.