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Scary Health Emergencies in Pets 10/26/23 - 10:04 am

A pet emergency is stressful and upsetting, but the best way to make sure you react quickly and calmly is to prepare ahead of time.…

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How to Help Your Pet Cope with an Upset Stomach 09/28/23 - 11:16 am

Anyone with a cat or dog has probably encountered vomiting or diarrhea in their pet. An upset stomach every once in a while isn’t usually…

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Recognizing Respiratory Distress in Cats & Dogs 08/31/23 - 3:36 pm

If your pet goes into respiratory distress, you may only have a matter of minutes to react. If you act quickly, you can get your…

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Beware of Foxtails This Summer 07/27/23 - 12:13 pm

Foxtail grass is a species of tall, green, fuzzy, wild grasses that have a top that looks like a bird’s feather. In the summer, this…

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How to Combat Heat Exhaustion in Your Dog This Summer 06/22/23 - 1:26 pm

With summer fast approaching, now is the perfect time to learn about heat exhaustion in dogs and the ways you can prevent your dog from…

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Pet Disaster Preparedness Tips 05/25/23 - 1:45 pm

Your pets are dependent on you for care, food, shelter, and water. If a natural disaster occurs, they will be even more dependent on you…

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Safety Rules for Kids and Pets 04/27/23 - 11:15 am

Children and pets can share a home safely without causing injury to each other, but it’s important to start teaching your kids about pet safety…

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What to Do If Your Pet is Bitten by Another Animal 03/30/23 - 11:24 am

If a wild, stray, or domesticated animal bites or scratches your pet, you need to act fast to prevent infection, blood loss, and the transmission…

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Dental CE Event 03/16/23 - 9:15 am

Thank you to everyone who attended our 2-hour RACE-approved Dental CE Event with speaker Dr. Van de Wetering earlier this year! We had a great…

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Pet First Aid Tips 02/24/23 - 3:08 pm

It’s every pet owner’s worst nightmare–their pet has gotten into something he shouldn’t, or is injured, and they don’t know what to do. It’s important…