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Emergency Veterinary Care: The Pet Owner’s Handbook For Emergency Readiness 

Veterinary emergencies can send your whole household into a frenzy. However, you can avoid making a scary situation more daunting by implementing several proactive measures to enhance your readiness in the face of emergency veterinary needs. In times of crisis, a prepared and calm pet owner is the most effective advocate for a pet. That’s why we’re here to help you get prepared with the pet owner’s handbook for emergency readiness. 

Create An Emergency Plan 

Don’t wait until you’re in an emergency situation to jot down emergency contact information. Long before your pet is injured or ill, map out the best emergency veterinarian in your area and take note of their contact information and address. In addition, look up the Poison Control and Pet Poison Hotline to ensure you know who to call in the event your pet ingests something they shouldn’t have. This can save you time, stress, and fear during times of crisis. 

Prepare An Emergency Pet Supplies Kit 

A well-thought-out emergency kit is essential during unexpected emergency pet situations. Creating an emergency kit in advance is an excellent way to get proactive and mitigate the stress of trying to remember all the necessary information and items you may need when rushing to the emergency veterinarian. We recommend including the following items in your emergency kit: 

  • A copy of your pet’s most recent medical records 
  • Standard pet first aid supplies 
  • Emergency contact information for your primary and emergency veterinarian 
  • A list of poison control hotlines 
  • A carrier, and/or leash and collar to transport your pet 
  • A blanket and toy to comfort your pet 

Start An Emergency Veterinary Fund 

Standard visits to your trusted veterinarian can be expensive. However, emergency veterinary visits may even surpass traditional costs as these veterinarians offer an elevated level of care at all hours of the day, adding a premium to the final bill. To avoid depleting your wallet and savings, we encourage pet owners to get proactive by starting an emergency veterinary fund. Furthermore, you may look up potential payment plans offered by your local emergency veterinarian along with pet insurance policies. 

Remember, a calm and prepared pet owner is the best advocate for an injured or ill pet. If you do experience a pet health emergency, know where to turn, and don’t hesitate to take the trip to the emergency animal hospital.