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What Type of Diagnostic Care Will Your Pet Receive at the Emergency Vet?

Going to the emergency vet can be an anxious experience for pet families, but in a crisis, there is no better place for your animal to get care. Emergency veterinarians treat pets who are facing injury or unexpected medical issues, and they have the knowledge and equipment to give urgent care around the clock. If you do have to go to an emergency hospital, try to remain calm, and if it is possible, call ahead so that the team at the clinic can prepare for you. When your pet is admitted, these are some types of diagnostic care he or she may receive. 

Blood Analysis

Blood analysis is used in a large number of emergency cases. Through blood testing, the veterinarian may be able to make a diagnosis of the cause of your pet’s issues. Blood testing can also provide clues to things like the severity of the condition or underlying health issues that could interfere with treatment. Your pet may receive multiple blood analyses, such as Complete Blood Count (CBC) and blood gas tests, during his or her treatment in order to determine if interventions are working. 

Imaging Tests

If your pet has an injury, radiography and ultrasound imaging tests allow your veterinarian to determine the extent of the injury and determine if there are internal injuries that are not outwardly obvious. Through this kind of testing, your veterinarian can also see if there are issues with internal organs, such as cysts or enlargement. 

Infectious Disease Testing

If the root cause of your pet’s condition is not clear, infectious disease testing can provide an answer. Depending on your pet’s symptoms, your emergency vet may order tests for things like parvovirus or feline immunodeficiency virus. 

At Emergency Veterinary Hospital, onsite diagnostics help us find answers quickly, so your pet gets the right treatment as soon as possible. Learn more about our emergency veterinary clinic in Springfield by calling (541) 746-0112.